Cap Day 2014 (Nelson, New Zealand)

What Is Cap Day? - A Beginner's Guide

For those who are unaware of the majesty that is Cap Day, here is all you need to know.

The first Cap Day occurred on 7 March 2006. David Andrew Lyons celebrated his birthday (6 March) in a disappointing fashion, retiring prior to 6pm. Waking just shy of 6am the following morning, and believing it was still his birthday, he put on his favourite cap, poured a glass of scotch, and began celebrating. Bumping into friends still awake from the night before, they asked him what he was doing. Soon realising his embarrassing mistake, he claimed he had begun celebrating an event that occurs annually on 7 March. "What event?" they asked. "Eh.... Cap Day" was the reply.

Thus, each year on 7 March, those who are "truly men" (or really brave ladies) rise at 6am to pay tribute to how much we love a fine scotch (just like Ron Burgundy). It is considered ritual to drink scotch, wear a cap, and ski boots, however these can be substituted with other hard spirits, head wear and footwear.

Until now, Cap Day has never fallen on a Saturday so adherents have been forced to take annual / sick leave to continue this tradition. The fabled Saturday Cap Day has now arrived. So come celebrate with us for at 6 am we will be men!

Cap Day Founder, Dave Lyons - aka The Godfather.

Cap Day Founder, Dave Lyons - aka The Godfather.