The Lake at Buxton

We have arranged a complimentary shuttle for your convenience. It will run between Saladin Lodge, Tower Motel, the Woods' place and the church. It must be booked in advance by completing the survey on the RSVP page.
Below are the shuttle times:

Shuttle to Ceremony Departs:

Saladin Lodge - 1.30pm

Tower Motel - 1.45pm

Buxton (Woods' Place) - 2.00pm

From Ceremony to Reception Departs:


From Reception to Accommodation Departs:




Pick Up Points

Saladin Lodge shuttle stop is their car park.

The Marysville pick up point is at the front of the Tower Motel. This is a short walk from Amelina Cottages, Marysville Garden Cottages and Dalrymples.

The Buxton pick up points are the Woods' front gate and the dam.